Barber Services

We offer a full menu of grooming services for all hair types. From razor linings to beards, bald heads, and fades. For over 25 years of barbering, we aim to please and provide a first-class environment and excellent customer service.


Our facial treatments will invigorate your skin and help you look and feel years younger. We use premium products that will help you meet your skincare goals. We tailor our treatments to each individual and provide tips and information that will benefit our clients for years to come.

Hair Treatments

We treat a variety of conditions and ailments and provide products for treatment and maintenance. Whether your goal is to hold on to your locs as long as possible or regrow hair in thinning areas we can design a program to fit your goals.

Skin Treatments

Whether you are dealing with discoloration, blotching, dark spots, blackheads, or acne we can help. DBC will help to address your issue from a holistic standpoint and help you to make the necessary adjustments while receiving treatment to return your skin to its natural radiance.

Barber Services & Hair Treatments

Omni Opulence Package ✨


The Extreme Inclusive Package. Full Service Premium Haircut, Facial Hair Trim, Razor Enhancement, Hydro Steam Express Facial with Beard & Facial Wash w/(360 spinning Scrub Brush), Massage Peppermint Shampoo, Massage Barber Chair during service. Refreshed, Rejuvenated & Relaxed! Treat yourself or give as a gift with our Groom Factor Gift Certificates. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beard Heat Press


Take your beard to the next level.✨ Start w/ Rose Water & Glycerin to Moisturize your facial hair💧 followed by a Beard Luster Wash to cleanse and stimulate growth w/ 360 Scrub Brush. An Invigorating Hot Towel is administered to help open pores & cuticles. A Blast of Coconut Milk 🥥 Leave-In Conditioner is applied prior to the infrared heat grooming brush that shines, softens, gives volume & fullness to your beard 🧔🏽

Beard Luster Wash


Invigorating Facial Cleanse with Rose Hips & Peppermint, Applied with Electronic Scrub Brush the 360 degree motion is relaxing & rejuvenating. Finished with an Moisturizing Facial spray to lock in moisture. Prevents itching and promotes healthy hair growth.

Wave Accelerator Boost


Intensify your wave pattern with Hydro forced steam 💨 Relax as your hair receives Moisture wicking Capillary action with reversion pressure to see your waves POP OUT! Finished with Exclusive 360 Degree Torino Pro Brush and Coconut Milk 🥥 Leave-In Conditioner adding moisture 💧 & Shine ⚡️

👨🏼‍🦲Scalp Analysis•Hair Rejuvenation Consultation


•Hair and scalp analysis allow us to see the state of your scalp up close. We used a magnified scope to assess the condition of your skin, the density of your hair and view your hair follicles. •Scalp Prep Sebum Removal •Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation •Form a Treatment Program

Hair Rejuvenation Treatment 🧬


👨🏽‍🦲Many Men have been Plagued with Balding • Thinning • Patchy Hair for too long❗️97% of Men with Hair Loss Suffer from Androgenic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness) This condition can be treated with HAIR REJUVENATION SYSTEMS @dr.barberchicago 👨🏾‍⚕️™️ Setup a Scalp Analysis & Consultation Today👌🏾 Certified Hair Loss Practitioner (American Medical Certification Association) 🔖

💦Moisture Retention Treatment


🧴 After Shampoo ▶️ Moisture Retention Treatment 💧 Maintain Dry Brittle Hair by using A humectant its a substance that is used to reduce the loss of moisture. It helps to moisturize and repair dry and brittle hair while adding shine and luster. Humectants draw moisture from the environment to your hair to promote moisture retention in order for the hair to thrive. 🥥Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner & Soufflé(Humectants)

Deep Cleansing Massage Shampoo w/ Peppermint💆🏽‍♂️


Invigorating scalp cleansing massage with peppermint. Scalp manipulations with penetrating peppermint. Your scalp with will feel stimulated & refreshed. Highly Recommended with every Haircut

Executive Beard Care Package⭐️


Beard Trimming & Razor w/Advanced Beard Care that will make your Beard Glow with Manuka Honey & Citrus Wash w/ 360 degree Scrub Brush. Beard Heat Pressed for Full Form with Exclusive Tools. Moisturize with our Signature Citrus Beard Juice” Beard Oil. Add to any Premium Barber Service

Steam Shave (Facial Hair w/Steam Treatment)🧖🏽‍♂️


Relax under our Professional Facial Steamer. Soften and Hydrate your Skin while receiving a precise trim, cut or shave to your facial hair. Includes Hot Towel. Finished with our Exclusive Beard Oil or Tea Tree & Aloe Facial Spray to lock in moisture

Intense Hot Towel Treatment w/ Cool Heat Activated Astringent


Temperature set perfectly for comfort and hot enough to open pores. Thermal active hot towel Zephyr applied for intense eucalyptus cool feel. Perfect way to end a Shave or enhance a Facial.

Keloidalis Nuchae Treatment

Hydrothermal Express Facial

Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation

Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment

Facials & Skin Treatments

Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment


Revitalized scalp, even skin tone, deep pore cleansing, stops irritation and razor burn. Liquid Exfoliating Steam Treatment with Hot Towel Scalp wrap. Finalized with a Non-greasy matte or shine finish. WARNING ⚠️ This Premium Service is Extremely Exclusive ❗️

Hydrothermal Express Facial


Make your face and skin brand new with Hydro forced steam. Hydrating with air and water cleanse pores, exfoliating the skin. Bringing it to a natural glow. Get wrapped and take a seat on a ride, feel like you are in a sauna 🧖🏽‍♂️ Exclusive Cosmesutical products used for the best results. Finished with rosewater and glycerin to seal in moisture. A Client Favorite 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation


✔️Scalp Prep Sebum Removal (New Medicated Product Added to this Service) ✔️Detoxifies the pores and scale ✔️Reduces Hair Thinning Control sebum build up ✔️Prevents Oily scalp ✔️Stops dermatitis ( inflammation ) ✔️Controls dry scalp ✔️Removes Negative scalp build up, build up from product. ✔️Reduces flaking ✔️Relieves itchy scalp ✔️Helps control alopecia ( auto immune deficiency ) ✔️This featured service is performed with professional grade detoxifying products that show drastic results with consistent application!

Thermal Scrub Neck and Chin


•Reduces and removes trapped Ingrown hair's •Razor Bumps •Increase blood circulation •Moisturize Dry brittle skin •Removes dirt & debris from the Subcontanious top layer of skin, Exfoliates. •Reduces itching •Improves the presence of dilated pours •Increase beard growth, promote environment for healthy hair growth. •Micro-channel Area for Product Penetration •Brightens Skin Take home products (Sold Separately) can accelerate healing & maintain bumps, irritation & dryness.

Ingrown Hair Extraction


•Razor Bumps •Blackheads •Papules •Pustules •Whiteheads. This service is an add on to a thermal scrub neck and chin or facial service. This procedure is priced according to the severity of the area being treated. Includes a Hot Towel & Steam is used in some cases.

Keloidalis Nuchae Treatment Consultation


A detailed questionnaire session discussing the origin of the bacterial disease and close examination of the area. Immediate advice & healthy suggestions to ease irritation. Macro Images are taken of inflamed & infected area to closely examine the follicular orifice. Setup a timeline of consecutive treatments to administer the procedure.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Series


Treat Dark Spots & Patches on Neck, Cheeks & Chin Area left from scarring Pseudofolliculitis Barbe (Razor Bumps) & Ingrown Hairs. Detoxify Area with Dr. Barber Detoxifying Facial Foam, Remove dirt & debris with scrub brush, epidermal extraction vacuum. Steam treated to make skin permeable. Clinical grade products used for a minimum of 3 sessions 3 weeks in a row. Brighten & Balance Skin to remove dark spots.

Glacier Cooling Clear Skin Facial


Gain Clear Glowing Skin with a fortified non abrasive facial cleanse under warm steam. Exfoliate, remove dirt & debris. Contrast between Hot to Cool 🥶 helps close dilated pores reduces blackheads & other skin surface blemishes. Finished with ❄️Arctic Facial Orbs Invigorates & Promotes the Rejuvenation of the Epidermis

Alaskan Mask Facial w/ Exfoliating Cleanse💦


Cleanse & Hydrate your skin with the Alaskan Aqua Mask. Steam Cleansing Treatment with Exfoliating Scrub Brush. Finish this Premium Service with Rosewater & Glycerin to seal in moisture & protect your skin.

Hydrothermal H20 (Oxygen)Activated Facial 🌬


Cleanse & Hydrate your skin with the Detoxifying Peppermint Facial Foam. Steam Cleansing Treatment with Exfoliating Scrub Brush. An Oxygen Activated Charcoal Mask Bubbles to remove impurities from the skin & add natural moisture for soft skin. Hot Towel Activated with Heat promoted astringent for a permeable epidermis layer. Finish this Premium Service with Rosewater & Glycerin to seal in moisture & protect the skin. CUSTOMER FAVORITE 🥇

Biomolecular Hydrating Facial 💧


This exclusive facial contains an advanced concentration of ultra-hydrating ingredients to rescue dull, dry skin. Skin soaks up the biomolecular complex, which deeply nourishes and provides anti-aging benefits to fight signs of dryness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and instantly give the skin a plump, firm appearance.

❄️Chilled Hydro Gel Eye Pad Treatment


👀 Addresses Bags & Fine Lines Under the Eyes. Tired Eyes. Tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids can weaken. The skin may start to sag, and fat that is normally confined to the area around the eye (orbit) can move into the area below your eyes. 🔬This treatment addresses the area with Ultrasonic High-frequency sound waves stimulate collagen (aka the protein that gives skin elasticity and firmness) by working their way deep into your face, pass the top layers of the epidermis and facial muscles. @Dr.BarberChicago 👨🏾‍⚕️™️