Our Story

USTI Digital Badge AST 2022


After years of seeing clients come in with grooming problems such as razor bumps, hair loss, oily & dry skin, thinning hair, dandruff, Dr. Barber has introduced new innovative solutions to the issues through services & products created to serve mainly the African American community: a segment that has been ignored in the beauty world.

Individuals visit barber shops & grooming studios daily with issues ranging from skin care problems to hair and scalp matters. Each visit, men seek solutions to these skin challenges.. The dialogue consists of the duration of the problem and unsuccessful attempts at resolution.

Their arrival to Dr. Barber is typically a client’s last resort.

The results that have ensued are evidence by client testimony. Through extensive diagnosis, each client gets customized solutions, treatment and a regiment that bears results.

African American men are documented as having skin issues such as razor bumps, discoloration ingrown hairs, dry skin, blackheads, and bags under the eyes. Dr. Barber’s litany of services such as Hyperpigmentation Treatment Series and Ingrown Hair Extractions including BioMolecular Hydration Facials are curated specifically for the needs of African American men.

Dr. Barber is a licensed grooming professional & esthetician with over twenty years of experience in the industry. His style and approach to grooming are advanced, following a systematic curriculum & patented information through ABS training & certification.

Each client experience provides solutions and improvement in overall skincare and health. Through continued education, Dr. Barber remains abreast of the latest in skincare techniques and product technology.

He is an active member of the American Medical Certification Association & Certified & Trained Hair Loss Practitioner. As the co-founder of The Groom Factor Company, an entity that manufactures grooming products, his natural proliferation to this arena of personalized care was an organic next step.

Taking a convergent approach for African American men, Dr. Barber delivers the multi-faceted approach: hair, skin, grooming. While seemingly independent of each other, all three serve as the triad for a man’s best appearance and his best self.

Maintain the superlative groomed look with healthy hair, skin, and scalp at Dr. Barber. His clinical-grade products, techniques will be executed with care and passion.


  • Licensed Esthetician
  • Licensed Cosmetologist/Barber
  • Member of American Medical Certification Association
  • Advanced Barber Systems Certificate
  • Men’s Skincare Specialist
  • Southside Executive Entrepreneur Training Certificate (Chicago State University)
  • Certified Medical/Clinical Esthetician Certification
  • Medically Accredited Infectious Control & Prevention Certified (AAI Institute)
  • Medical Accredited Blood-borne Pathogens Certified (AAI Institute)
  • Infectious Control Heath & Safety Certificate (Milady)
  • Safe Space Certified (Lucas-Cide)
  • Sanitation & Disinfection Standards BARBERCIDE Certified
  • Covid-19 BarberCide Certificate
  • Infection Prevention Training Certificate (Rejuvenate)
  • Clean Touch Certified (Dermalogica)
  • Medical Hair Loss Practitioner (USTI)
  • Medical Certified Associate Trichologist