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7 Easy Steps To Success
In The Barber/beauty Industry

7 Easy Steps to Success in the Beauty and Barbering Industry is the cheat sheet you’ve been waiting for. Transform your business with these proven steps. Turn your chair into an Enterprise.

Not only will this book save you time, and make you more money, but it will transform you into the type of professional that will serve you personally and in your career.

Dr. Barber has put together a comprehensive way to look at your career in the Beauty/Barber industry. With a modern and innovative approach, you will be able to take yourself to the next level whether you are new to this industry, or a veteran. This book gives you the tools you need to succeed. Dr. Barber’s 7 steps are proven to boost the quality of your service, increase your income and give you five-star professionalism that will have your customers coming back for more.


Over 23 years of business have gone into this foundational treatise.
Personal Service Entrepreneurs can benefit from this concise, beneficial guide.

Catapult your enterprise by applying:


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