One on One Virtual Class – Exclusive Services & Advanced Treatments.


Each virtual class includes a live demonstration and a  product resource guide with step by step instructions for proper application.
•Class Times: 1.5 hours Sundays or Mondays
•Limited Time Class Price $349 per subject.

CLASS TOPICS (Select a topic(s) and it to cart)

•Beard Wash/ Beard Heat Press/Beard Care Package (3 Premium Beard Services)

•Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment (The Ultimate Treatment restores pH Balance to Scalp Eliminates Irritation & Ingrown Hairs)

•Glacier Cooling Hydration Facial Treatment (Beyond a normal facial. Clients see instant results)

•Ingrown Hair Neck & Chin Treatment (Reduce Irritation & Inflammation, Eliminates Itching, Remove Trapped Hairs)

•Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation (Promotes Hair Growth, Eliminates Dandruff & Dry Scalp)


ALL class payments are final. Requests for rescheduled classes must be submitted 24 hours prior to class time.   





Additional Information

Beard Wash/ Beard Heat Press/Beard Care Package, Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment, Glacier Cooling Hydration Facial Treatment, Ingrown Hair Neck & Chin Treatment, Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation